Summer Maintenance for Your Garage

Summer Maintenance for Your Garage

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With the summer months approaching, any change in weather can make your garage uncomfortable and potentially dangerous if this is where combustible materials are stored. However there are a number of small maintenance tasks which can be performed to reduce the heat and humidity in your garage.Summer Maintenance for Your Garage


This is an essential part of maintaining a steady temperature. If your ventilation is inadequate, you could consider installing a fan.

  •     One simple solution is to use an exhaust fan. Many varieties of these models are available including freestanding options, which can be positioned to send the airflow through the door or a window. You could also mount an exhaust fan on the ceiling or wall, but this may require some professional assistance.
  •     Shutter fans are another viable option. These types of fan remove excess moisture from the atmosphere reducing condensation.


Insulation is a great way to control the temperature within your garage. When contemplating this possibility you may not need a garage door replacement as there are a number of products which can be used with your existing door. This is usually in the form of injectable foam or panels of polystyrene. You can also replace the bottom seal to provide better insulation. These measures can help to regulate the temperature inside the garage from hot extremes in summer and colder temperatures in winter. This can make the atmosphere feel more comfortable and can assist in reducing energy costs


Door Repairs:

This is also an ideal opportunity to repair any damage which has occurred. The grime, snow and salt which can build up in the colder months can cause significant damage to your door if left unaddressed. In many cases a simple washing will clean off the debris and remove the risk. However, if rust has already begun, you should treat the area and repaint with a zinc enriched primer and an exterior latex form of paint.

General maintenance:

This is also a good time to check that the garage door opener is functioning correctly. Check the features of any remote controls to ensure they are working correctly. If the door is moving slowly or not smoothly, it may have slipped from the garage door track; this will need immediate attention to prevent damage or injury.

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